Fancy A Trip to Thailand?

The new slot site Casimba Casino provides a unique opportunity to preview the available games that include a video presentation of the selected game. The site is mobile responsive, easy to find and extremely fast to load. The developers behind Casimba are on a different level and have gained inspiration from the world’s most high-tech pages. They have optimized the loading process of games shown so that the entire website is not loaded at once, saving time and making everything smoother for you as a player, regardless of the connection speed.

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Collect Points and Go to Thailand

The first thing we would like to mention Casimbas award of a luxury Thailand trip for four people. The competition includes all players who have collected 1000 Casimba points. How does the score count? Yes, every deposit of £50 gives you 5 points. If you get 1000 points, you will participate in the Thailand competition.

Rewards Rewards

Also, the casino has invested in a loyalty program whose hard currency is casino credits that match each deposit. They offer an excellent start to all the players; the casino allocates 500 points already on your first deposit. Your points are aggregated and can be found on your game account. The program rewards with everything from free spins, extra bonuses to exclusive competitions and jackpots.

Regardless if you want to go to Thailand or get extra promotions, Casimba Casino is your only options today!