Guide: The Best Live Casino Games

Playing live casino is among the most popular ways to play casino online today. Many players like the social aspect that live casinos bring. It is precisely in live casinos that you can communicate both with the dealer and sometimes also with your fellow players. A question that we often get when we talk about live casinos is which live casino games are the best. It is not an easy question to answer as the taste is like the cake, but in this guide we make an attempt to do just that and give you sound tips on how to choose the best live casino game for you.

Choosing a live casino game

There are many different live casino games to choose from, the first thing you should choose is the type of game you want to play. Is it poker, baccarat, craps, blackjack or roulette that you are interested in? Or is it perhaps various wheels of fortune or other game shows like. If you ask us, we usually stick to the classic live casino games such as poker, roulette or blackjack. Before you start playing live casino, you should also decide how much you want to play for and what bet you want to go in with. Some online casinos divide their live casino games based on stake and others based on category or popularity.

The best live casino developers

In the live casino market, it is currently a game developer that rules the market. Namely, Evolution Gaming. Most live casino games and the best live casino game come from this game developer. It is usually live casino games from Evolution Gaming you will come across when you want to play live casino, but you might come across live casino games from Pragmatic Play and Playtech as well. They are also good at producing great live casino games with good quality. There are also a few newcomers that have started to create live casino games as well as casinos that offer their own live casino games that you can only play at the specific casino.

The best live casino games right now

  1. Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming
  2. Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming
  3. Speed ​​Roulette or Instant Roulette from Evolution Gaming
  4. Speed ​​Baccarat from Evolution Gaming
  5. Blackjack Lounge 1 from Playtech
  6. Ultimate Texas Holdem from Evolution Gaming

Virtual future for live casinos

The future for live casinos seems to be very bright and it is precisely the live casino games that are predicted to develop much more than other games in the future. Several game developers are already working on developing virtual live casino rooms where by putting on a pair of VR glasses you can step into a “real casino”. Maybe shake hands with your opponents or fellow players and put your chips or cards on the table yourself. We are currently following this development and will of course review all upcoming VR casino games.

Guide with tips for live casinos

  1. Choose Live casino games from quality game developers
  2. Decide what bet you want to enter and how much you want to play for
  3. If you want to play for a longer time, you should choose games that take a little longer to play, such as poker
  4. If you want to play fast and fun, you can choose the speed version or the instant version of the live game
  5. There are usually many variants of a live casino game. Try several different ones to find your favorite