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On a modern slot site, you can pick and choose among hundreds of casino games where it sometimes can be a bit confusing to know what game to play, where you have the highest chance of winning or which game that is the hottest right now. To solve this issue, this site aims to guide you through different types of casino games and slot machines.

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New Slots Online

If someone at the dinner table mentions the word casino, the probability that you come to think about slots is high, which is totally normal since slots, or video slots, which is the correct term, are the most popular to play when visiting a casino regardless if it’s online or land-based.

As you already know, video slots have its origin in one-armed bandit, which is the mechanical equivalent of today’s digitalized gambling machines. If you are interested in slots online, it may be interesting to know that it is very rare that the slot sites produce slot machines on their own. Instead, different game providers decide what themes the games should have, creates the story behind the slots, produces all graphics, and decides how easy or difficult it will be to win.

This, in turn, makes it safe to play casino online since you do not need to worry that the slot site manipulates the games. When the game providers have produced a slot, they release it to several different slot sites, which is the reason why you can find more or less the same games at all casinos. Despite that, the selection and quantity of slots differ between different sites since the casinos may have different contracts including exclusivity with the slot providers. Beneath, you can find some of the best new slots to play.

Jurassic World logo
  • Dinosaurs
  • Big Wins
  • Cool Graphics
Jurassic World
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  • Popular for Free Spins
  • NetEnt Slot
  • Easy to win
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  • Classic Vegas slot
  • Popular in the UK
  • Good for mobile
Book of Ra

Table Games

Table games, which are the category including all games that is played towards a dealer or other players, can be found at almost every slot site. Within this category, you can find the classic casino games such as BlackJack, Roulette, and Baccarat, where the rules for each game is explained beneath where you also can play the games for free.

Black Jack logo
  • Beat the dealer
  • 99.72% Chance of Winning
  • Play Black Jack Live
Black Jack
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  • Classic Casino Game
  • Play European Roulette
  • Play Roulette Live
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  • Easy to play
  • Punto or Banco?
  • Simple Rules
  • BlackJack, which is one of the world’s most popular games, can be found at every single casino. When playing Black Jack, the goal is to reach the total sum of 21, where dressed cards are worth 10 and Ace 1 or 11; the other cards are worth their own value. If you score above 21, you loose automatically where it is called that you are “going bust” or “busting.” If you immediately reach a score of 21, this is called Black Jack, and your winnings are 2,5 times your bet instead of doubled. In most types of Black Jack, the games start with one card is shown and one card is hidden for the dealer where two cards are shown for the player. After that, it is the player’s decision to choose another card or to stay. The next step is for the dealer to show the hidden card and choose to continue if the total score is beneath 17.
  • Roulette is a casino game of chance that you also can find at the majority of casino sites. Regarding Roulette, a lot of people have theories that they can beat the house by inventing different systems. Once and for all – it is impossible to beat a Roulette table in the long run or to invent any system or similar that gives you an edge over the house. It is impossible due to independent probability where the output of the next game of Roulette is not affected by the previous output. The two events are stochastically independent where you can say that a Roulette table does not have a memory of its previous games. The game is played by having a croupier dropping a ball that can fall into 37 different pockets of which 18 is marked in red, 18 in black and one is green with the figure 0. Observe that in American Roulette, they have two zeros why the probability of winning is much lower compared to European Roulette that is more common.
  • After Roulette and Black Jack, Baccarat is the most recognized and played casino games at UK slot sites. Some fun curiosa about Baccarat is that it used to be a game that only the British upper classed used to play until no other than James Bond played Baccarat in the book made by Ian Fleming, Casino Royale. In the movie with the same name that got released in 2006, Mr Bond played Poker instead. When playing Baccarat, you have three different options to bet upon; if it’s a tie, that the bank wins or that the player wins. At some slot sites, Baccarat is called for Punto Banco where Punto means the player and Banco stands for the Bank. You win by having the hand that is closest to nine where tens and dressed cards are worth nothing; ace is worth one and all other cards their numeric value. If the total value of your hand gets above 9, you remove 10. By that, 14, for instance, becomes 4. The rules also say that both the player and the bank must stay when they reach 8 or 9.

Live Casino

These days, good online slot sites should include a live casino in the offer with the possibility to play the popular table games described above. The technology for live casino works in a way that everything that happens on the tables is video streamed online in real-time. Recently, modern game providers have invented something called Immersive Roulette, using multiple camera angles, displaying what’s most interesting in the game. This includes slow-motion video when the ball bounces into the pocket and HD-quality on the video.

Since the game providers often work with international casinos, we recommend choosing a game with English dealers, so you do not end up at a table where everyone is speaking a foreign language.