No More Online Gambling Streams on Twitch

The streaming service Twitch decides once and for all to ban the streaming of online gambling on slots and casino games in online casinos. Streaming slots on the Twitch platform has long been up for debate. And finally the streaming company has made the decision to change their policy around streamings of online gambling. They have noticed that previous rule changes have caused players to find other ways around the regulations and have therefore decided to tighten  the policy up even further.

What will happen on Twitch regarding Online gambling:

  • It will be forbidden to share links or reference codes to any sites that contains: slots, roulette or dice games.
  • The rules apply on all regulated markets where this type of game is regulated and game safety rules are in place.
  • The rules will be updated on October 18th
  • Sites that offer betting on sports, fantasy sports and poker will continue to be allowed

The outside world and all streamers have already been told in September that these new rules will be introduced by the 18th of october, and have had plenty of time to prepare. Twitch has been clear that it is not all types of sites and all types of casino games that will be banned, mainly they have called out that certain specific sites will be totally banned. All the sites that Twitch has mentioned outright have hardly any responsible gaming in mind.

The background to why Twitch is banning Slots

Several of the users have long discussed whether games at online casinos belong on the Twitch platform. And already last year, Twitch drew up the first rules around casino streaming when they noticed how incredibly popular the streaming category for slots had become. But it wasn’t until one specific player stated that he had taken at least  £200,000  from other streamers and fans in order to continue playing, that the topic started to get serious. Playing like “ItsSliker” or Sliker as he calls himself says that it became unsustainable and irresponsible. His gambling addiction started with the game CSGO which he also chooses to warn the outside world from starting to play.

We promise to keep you updated on what is happening with Twitch and casino slots streaming.