Casimba Casino is Live

Casimba is live!

New slots site is called Casimba Casino. You have probably read about it on our site before as we have anticipated this new casino for a couple of months now. Being part of the Ivy family we know that any new product coming out those gates is only pure quality. WIth its fast and innovative structure, you will see something different. We are not saying this is a revolutionary casino but close to it. As you scroll down on its page you will see a smooth and fast transition which makes the visit ever so more enjoyable. Ivy team has always been on the player’s side and giving away big welcome bonuses. Casimba Casino bonus is a very good one and goes as follows:

50 Bonus Spins on your 1st deposit

100% up to £500 + 50 bonus spins

25% up to £1000 + 50 bonus spins

50% up to £500 + 25 bonus spins

In total, that means that you can claim £2,000 + 125 bonus spins

Instead of us talking about this great casino you should instead take the opportunity and get going. This big welcome bonus is not something you want to miss.

Play today

One of the reasons for having such a magnificent welcome offer for new members is that Casimba is a new slot site. By that, it is assumable that they try to entice new members by being extra generous, almost like a PR-trick. Another reason is that it is common that new online casinos actually wants to be extra nice to their first customers. By that, do not wait for too long by claiming the bonus offer and becoming a member. You will not be disappointed  as chances are high that you will convert a lot of the bonus money checking out with more money than you deposited in the first place regardless of the amount.

Good luck and hope you have a good time at Casimba!