Codeta Casino – Skill Score System

Codeta Casino, Skill Score is very well known in the field of live games. It also contains a place for high-quality video slots. It has announced two big features for the benefit of its players. The main things which have helped a lot to make Codeta Casino so popular are the stress on table games which are played live. A wide variety was already available with them regarding single player and live dealer game but now they have added one more feature to this which is the Skill Score system which helps the players to get much from their time spend on the tables.

Codeta Live Casino

This system helps the players to get information regarding their own progress along with a comparison with other players on the site with the help of leaderboard which will show the players rank and help to know his status in the game.

Big wins and Dedicated Wins

The skill score number received by the player depends upon two things. These are the big wins and dedicated wins. The ratio of wins and losses is termed as a dedicated win. On the other hand, win based on the payout- ratios can be termed as a big win. By using these two factors, Codeta measures the skills of the players.

A score of a player can be improved by increasing the number or by maintaining a balance between the two factors mentioned earlier. Codeta also has the facility of tips for the players so that they can make an improvement in their score. It has such tools which help the player to make an improvement over the time by making a comparison with his own past performance or with other players’ performance. To make it more interesting so that more adult men and women start playing and buying it, Codeta is organizing various types of tournaments. For motivating more and more adults of age group 25-60, it offers prizes to the top players of the games.


Codeta has become successful in attracting a large audience as it has helped the players earn cash prizes as well as a bonus amount of £300 only if they deposit their first three installments at Codeta Casino. It will make them capable of the welcome bonus under three stages:

  1. First deposit will enable them to a 100% bonus amount.
  2. Second deposit will make them eligible for the 50% bonus amount.
  3. Third deposit will make them capable to get 25% of the bonus.

This bonus scheme is available only for the new customers of the Codeta Casino in the UK.