Slotty Vegas – Supercharged Winnings!

slottyvegas logoSlotty Vegas Casino is a casino launched on a modest scale in 2014. Since launch, interest has gradually increased, and today Slotty Vegas is growing like never before.

A unique feature of Slotty Vegas is that you offer “supercharged winnings”. With that feature, you win more when you win and can also get more back if you are unlucky during a game session. According to their own calculations, the “supercharged” feature makes you pay about 60% of the vendors in the offer – a higher refund than at any other casino. Obviously, it’s great for you who love to play slots!

Supercharged Winnings

The Welcome Bonus in all honor, but the bonus that Slotty Vegas is best known for is the one you can enjoy by playing “supercharged” games we mentioned above. Here is a short description of what it actually means:

Supercharged Winnings are winnings that are added to your balance for each winning win. This feature makes you simply win more or get more back at Slotty Vegas than at other casinos. To access this feature, play on the games marked with the Supercharged symbol.

4 factors determine if you get to know supercharged profits and how advantageous it is:

1. Your ranking (the higher the level, the bigger the rewards)
2. Your gamble (some games give more in supercharged profits than others)
3. Your luck/luck (if you have not been so successful lately you have a greater chance of winning with supercharged winnings)
4. Special offers.

Linked to the “Supercharged” feature, there is a monthly cash race to participate in. The more supercharged winnings you enter, the higher you climb the top lists of Hall of Champions. Should you reach the top 20 on any of the lists, you win cash prizes or free spins.