Play at Volt Casino and Collect Volt Points

Vault to Volt Casino and players will be in with a chance of cash prizes and extra rewards. In this casino, operated by Fair Play Bets Limited, all players can take advantage of the ‘Volts’, an internal currency, that can be swapped for different types of perks and bonuses.

Just like other loyalty and point schemes in top casinos, the Volt points are collected when you play in real money mode. However, Volt Casino takes the point system to a different level. Instead of just one type of option or reward, this casino gives you the power to choose from a long list of rewards that can electrify your gaming experience!

Start Your Electrifying Adventure

At Volt Casino, every real money wager will offer promising returns in the form of Volt points. Here are the steps that you need to complete to take part in this promotion:

  • Play. For every £1 wagered on this casino, you can collect 1 Volt. The same amount of wager made in the sports section will net 2 Volts. The higher the points collected, the bigger and better the rewards that you can collect in the store. As a welcome treat, all new customers of the casino are instantly rewarded with 12,000 Volt Points by simply completing the first deposit worth £20.
  • Power Up. If the standard exchange rate bores you, then the Power Up feature can definitely help. The first step is by completing the first deposit. This will instantly boost your bank by 12,000 Volts. Also, you can complete missions which can offer you more points!
  • Redeem. This is the best part of the promotion. Once you have collected enough points, you can visit the Store and swap points for casino bonuses like free spins.

Unleash the Volts

Are you ready to take on an epic adventure of games, points, and rewards? If yes, then now is the best time to create an account at Volt Casino and unleash the power of great rewards.