New Adventure Casino

playfrank offer 300x294The benefits of playing a new and “adventure casino,” such as PLayFrank, are so many that we sometimes wonder why someone is still playing “regular” online casinos. Certainly, it is not much more than an advanced loyalty system in a stylish package, but it adds an extra dimension that significantly increases the entertainment value. These types of casinos are by no means dependent on campaigns in the same way as other UK casino sites online; there is always a way to cash out and get more for your efforts.

However, when an adventure casino runs campaigns, it will often be twice as good as we can take advantage of the benefits that the campaign gives and in parallel take us to the next reward in the adventure. It’s often about bonuses and twice as much free money.

For gaming sites like PlayFrank, it is also possible to be more flexible in designing campaigns as they include unique casino bonuses and features like Weekly Reward. Every week you have the chance to get 50% up to £50 and make your PlayFrank experience even longer.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we strongly recommend you to do it today! You won’t be disappointed!