Earn Daily Cashback at Easy Slots

If you enjoy a spin on slots or a few rounds at table games, what better than earning cashback on any losses you have? That’s exactly what Easy Slots offers to their players. The best part? There’s no long qualification period, you will be rewarded with your cashback the day after playing, every day.

How Daily Cashback Works

The amount of cashback you earn at Easy Slots depends on your level. You don’t have to be a top VIP to be eligible, you will begin earning at Expert Level.

  • Expert Level – 1% Cashback 
  • Pro Level – 3% Cashback
  • VIP Level – 5%
  • Legend Level – 10%

The reason we’re such a big fan of cashback is that it’s gives you twice the chance of winning. You play as you would anyway, and perhaps you walk away with a win. If you don’t, you get a certain percentage back to have another go. If you’re going to be enjoying your favourite games anyway, why not be rewarded for it?

The Terms and Conditions

As with all online casino offers, there are some terms and conditions to consider. The most important being how the cashback is calculated, which is your daily deposits, minus withdrawals, minus any current balance in your account before midnight on the same day.

Cashback is added in REAL cash, with no wagering requirements attached. So you’re free to withdraw it with no obligations. Remember to claim your cashback daily, otherwise it will reset to the new total the following day.