Collect Trophies and Join the ‘200 Club’ at Mega Reels

Mega Reels is always at the forefront of providing its players with memorable casino experience. Whether you are talking about its collection of mega promotions or its exciting collection of casino games, Mega Reels by Jumpman Gaming Limited delivers the goods.

And speaking of promotions, Mega Reels is known for designing memorable promotions that tap into the passion of players for slot games and their inner drive to compete with other players and enthusiasts.

Join an Elite Club

One such regular promotion that will tap into your competitive spirit is the ‘200 Club’. Consider this club as an elite group of Mega Reels players who have managed to collect more trophies than the rest and are eligible for the free Amazon voucher worth £10. Are you worthy to be included in this exclusive club of Mega Reels?

mega reel 200 club

On Your Marks, Get Set, and Collect the Trophies

In this Mega Reels promotion, it’s all about the number of trophies that you collect. To become eligible for this offer and be a member of the exclusive club, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log into your account and proceed to the ‘Trophies’ section.
  2. Each trophy comes with specific information and a task to complete.
  3. Complete the assigned task, and you can earn a trophy.

The more trophies you unlock, the more trophies you can earn under this promotion. Once you have collected a specific number of trophies, you can unlock a new level which also gives you a shot at spinning the Mega Reel, another popular offer at this casino.

Get the Rewards When You Reach 200

As soon as you have collected at least 200 trophies, the casino will reward you with a free Amazon voucher worth £10. What’s even more exciting are the extra perks that you will earn from this Mega Reels promotion. For every 5 trophies collected, you also have a chance to win 500 extra spins, which translates to 20,000 extra spins!

Are you ready to take on the challenge and compete for the prize? Visit Mega Reels today and discover the best ways to earn trophies and dominate the competition!