Catch a Super Snowball with Casumo

casumo snowball 300x291Christmas calendars with casino deals usually last until Christmas. In more rare cases, they roll all the way until New Year. Casumo, as always, does it a bit differently. The Super Snowball campaign doesn’t end after Christmas, but rather until January 14th, that is, long after Christmas, and New Year. For this reason, we should call this campaign as a “winter campaign” instead of a Christmas one.

The Super Snowball campaign includes both daily promotions and prizes of different kinds. Four collected snowballs per campaign week give place in the moves in which you can win really nice prizes. Curious about how the campaign works? Below you will get all the details.

Open your daily box

Every player who has made the first deposit at Casumo ever has a new box every day during the campaign. Just sign in, go to the “dashboard” and click on the wooden box featured at the center of the page.

When you click on the wood box, you will see an offer. This may include free spins or bonus against a deposit. If you are satisfied with what you find in the wood box, you can share the offer or simply ignore it. You also get the chance to “upgrade” the coffin. There are three different levels to aim for.

If you choose to upgrade to a silver list, you must first deposit between 20-49 euros. Once you open the coffin, you will receive either free spins or bonus money.

To open a gold coffin, you must deposit between 50-99 euro. It is a little bigger deposit, and therefore the rewards are also greater. Bonus money, free spins, and superspins are the options.

Do you have even more to put in, you can choose to open a diamond box. If you deposit £100 or more, your reward will be either bonus money, free spins, superspin or cash.

Whichever of the coffins you choose (besides the chest of drawers) you also get a snowball. Of course, the rewards for, for example, free spins and bonuses are more advantageous the more you deposit.

Win a trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar on Monday

If you manage to collect at least four snowballs in a calendar week (Monday – Sunday), you will be included in the draw next Monday. In the draw, there are excellent prices in the pot, and you have only keep your fingers crossed, and the big price can be yours.

This week, it is a trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar in Africa, which is the price of the weekends. It’s probably a real animal trip, but we do not know what the exact value of the travel package is.

In total six draws will be carried out, and there are some nice rewards in the pot. How about having the chance to win £10 000 in cash? Or get home a Harley Davidson Street 750?

Become a Casumo and get 20 free spins

Casumo has to be counted as one the more generous casino sites that target the UK audience. For example, new players with a deposit of as little as £10 and get a 100% bonus up to £300. 20 free rounds are added to your account immediately after you have navigated through the registration process.