There Is Always 10% Cashback For Players at Fun Casino

Winning is fun, but it’s not always possible to do so. But don’t worry, there’s insurance available at Fun Casino. It’s impossible and probably frustrating. Casino games offer a second chance to their players and let you try again, for free. This way, they facilitate your playing without any further deposits. 

Different casinos have their specific methods of calculating and offering cashback. The most common is the 10% cashback. The sum of all bets stake placed is subtracted from won bets stake and then subjected to the percentage. However, the cashback feature has rules that govern its running. They usually differ from one casino to another. In this guide, we look at Fun Casino and its 10% cashback offer.

Rules for 10% Cashback at Fun Casino

  • Players found using virtual private networks will be eliminated and risk a permanent ban for the cashback deal.
  • The casino operators reserve rights, at any given time, to change cashback offers at any given time without consultation.
  • You’ll only receive a cashback if all games have been settled.
  • The site cannot take canceled bets, sold bet slips cannot be considered in the program.
  • The site’s bonus funds must be redeemed at the moment of cashback bonus calculation.

The 10% cashback is available for all active players at Fun Casino and is becoming incredibly popular within the UK market. More casinos are following suit down the cashback route, but Fun Casino will always be considered the pioneer.