3 Pro Tips How to Win on Slots

Playing on mobile slots and slot machines has become an everyday entertainment for us Brits. It is said there are actually strategies to win at slots. There are many roulette strategies for mobile and blackjack, and some work really well. But when it comes to strategies for games that are completely random, it becomes more difficult. But at least we can give you some tips that can help you a bit more on the path to becoming a winner online.

Real spins and Good bonuses

play slots on mobileAs you probably already know, there are lots of remarkable offers out there for those who like to play at slot sites. But are 150 free spins really beneficial to you as a player? Free spins often come with wager requirements and you can rarely earn any big profits. But if you find real spins, you may be lucky enough to win a lot more! Realspins often has a wagering value of 10x and sometimes more. Anything else you should look for is free spins without wager requirements. These have pretty low requirements but when you win, money is yours! Then all other winnings you win will be thanks to these free-kickers, also yours.

If you do not mind wager requirements, you can look up the biggest bonuses you can find and hope you reach the wager requirements. This strategy is a little risky, but on the other hand, it’s part of the whole thrill. Read our post about the 3 best mobile slot sites right now to get an idea what you can expect from slot site launched last two years.

Slots with high RTP or high-volume games?

Slots with high RTP (Return to the player) often give you many more wins than those slots that have lower RTP. However, profits are usually lower. You win many times but in the end, the house takes home the win. Say that a slot machine has an RTP of 97.6%, on average, you get back £97.6 on each bet of £100. It may sound a lot, but it’s easy to forget that you really get 2.4 kronor minus on his bet.

Therefore, you might as well choose a game that is more volatile. The winnings are getting fewer but once you get a good spin, your payout will usually be greater. How you choose to play is up to you, but now you’ve got some more info that makes it easier to choose games.

Always play on all Paylines

It’s almost self-evident, but we mention this to make sure you’re playing right. If you do not bet on any payline, you can lose out on the winnings. If you think the lock you play is too expensive, you just need to pick the level which fits your bankroll better

Increase the bet after some successful games

This strategy is risky but can also prove to be very successful. If you play for 2 crowns each spin, you rarely win a lot. There may be a tactical choice to raise the bet when you earn a little more money. Then the winnings are bigger and the chance increases to make a withdrawal. Casinos usually have a limit of SEK 200 as the minimum withdrawal, so that’s the limit you want to get over.

When the money ends, take a break from the game

Many who lose money when they deposit extra to “win back the loss”. This is an extremely bad strategy as it rarely goes through. Set a budget for your gambling every month and follow it. A good idea is to keep a logbook for which slots that seem to yield profits more frequently. Perhaps you find a pattern in paradise just as you see?

Until then, enjoy the thrill but make sure to play responsibly!