tlcbetIf you are wondering about the prospects of playing TLCbet, then you have come to the right place. In this site, you can get help and directions to help you familiarise yourself with playing TLCbet, sign up as a new player, the bonus features available, the security and safety features that are specific to the game and the chances of winning real money when you play TLCbet games.

This site is of immense help to both old and new players as it provides comprehensive information on how to contact the customer support, how to make cash-outs and the rules and regulations of the game. From the site, you can consult the highly professional and friendly customer support team, any time of the day, throughout the year.

Tlcbet Welcome Offer

You can enjoy exciting welcome offers when you play TLCBet games. Signing up for TLCBet immediately earns you a free bet offer of £30, as long as you are through with the registration process. The wagering requirements demand that before you request for a bonus, you have to place five qualifying bets. Qualifying accumulator bets for every selection must at least be 1.4. You can also do live betting and win real money in different types of games such as Bundesliga, Europa League, La Liga, Premier League and NFL. The other games you can place live bets on include badminton, horse racing, American football, floorball, cricket, and cycling, among others.

Signing up for TLCBet immediately earns you a free bet offer of £30

One of the reasons behind TLCBet’s popularity is its commitment to the rules and guidelines of responsible gambling. TLCBet recognizes the reality of addiction to gaming and the complications that may ensue from the habit and has measures to guard against underage and irresponsible gambling. Every TLCBet staff member is adequately trained to uphold the principles of responsible gaming. During self-exclusion time, TLCBet does not send marketing or promotional materials to players. If a new applicant does not complete his age verification section within 72 hours after registration, the account is frozen. No further activity is allowed in this same account until the age verification successfully goes through. If the age verification confirms that the applicant is indeed underage, the deposits in the account are returned and the winnings nullified.

Customer Service

TLCBet runs on Windows. The use of Windows software platform means that you can play TLCBet on your phone, tablet or PC. The same also means that you get to experience more fun as the software comes with an increased degree of screen-compatibility, user-friendliness, and interactivity. The fact that TLCBet runs on Windows software does not mean that its existence is limited to Windows devices. It is still possible to play TLCBet on iOS, Mac, Andriod, iPhone, and iPad. You can download the games from an apps store, get them on Google Play or access them from their very websites.

The fact that TLCBet is enabled by Windows means that you have an upper hand when doing live betting or playing these casino games. More specifically, Windows-enabled web browsers store cookies and cache and thereby helping in speeding up Internet usage. This is the case since the browser will load the web page from the cache, instead of retrieving the page from the Internet. Speed is of utmost importance in these games. The fact that games are ranked according to their speed underscores the need for speed. However, you have to be careful not to let your browser accumulate a large storage of cookies and cache as this can predispose your browser to errors or slow it down when browsing.


It is a fact that there are many gaming companies that are jostling for players’ attention. However, a critical look at TLCBet and its features reveal why it is highly popular among players. TLCBet has been famed for its unwavering commitment to responsible betting. Similarly, the game has impressive welcome bonuses. For instance, immediately you complete your sign up process, you are eligible for a bet offer worth £50. The company also has highly professional customer support team which is always at players’ beck and call, all year round. TLCBet runs on Microsoft, and this, therefore, enables people to interact with these games on their phones, tablets, and PC. Microsoft also brings with it, a higher level of interactivity and user-friendliness.